Daily Goals as a Habit for Success in Life

Some students need more motivation to work than others. Supervisors and monitors need to understand how to spur a desire in each student to complete his goals every day.

The key is to identify the reasons for incomplete goals. Once this is uncovered, the problems and issues of life can be addressed in a positive manner. Every educator should seek ways to encourage students to thrive and push for greater and more challenging goals.

Finding out why a student is not accomplishing goals takes discernment on the behalf of the educator. Procedures Manual I (P. 91) poses the following question regarding incomplete goals: “Was it due to carelessness, daydreaming, inability to understand a concept, or having set goals too high?”

Our individual nature may mean a different solution or approach is needed for each student. A.C.E.’s individualized approach allows creative ways to handle each situation. At Vermont, we require daily goals from each student.

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